Gabby Reece Gym

Have Some Fun

I realized something about training that is so important. Have some fun!! What a concept. I go day after day doing my “workout routine” or better yet “regimen” mindlessly grinding through it.

Today, I had a pool workout where a friend of mine showed me a ton of incredibly difficult drills inspired by water polo training and I struggled. However, more importantly, the training was challenging AND I tried something new and had some fun. I was doing egg beaters in the pool like a wet kid trying to stay afloat.

Of course the majority of my training will have a scheduled routine type feel to it, but I really believe that once in a while we just have to go do something completely different and have some fun flopping around. I get so caught up in being a serious and responsible adult that I don’t allow myself the joy of child like play. I’m not sure where I got this idea from, but I really want to spend the rest of my life undoing my stiff mom and wife role just a little. Maybe in the end it’s about finding the JOY in everything you do (when it’s possible). After all we all know how boring serious is, and if you can get the work done and still put the fun into it, why not?

Best , Gabby

Ways to have fun while being shedding those calories:

1. Play on the playground- swings, monkey bars, etc. (see the Playground Workout)
2. Swim
3. Join a sports league or organize a game of choice with friends for fun
4. Have a relay race with your kids-on land,  the pool or the beach
5. Make an obstacle course in your backyard

Use your imagination! You can do it!