Fitness Strategies for Stressful Times

“Managing” the situation works for most things in life – that means giving attention to what needs it the most at that specific time.  If your family is coming over for dinner, then you get to the store and stock up for the night.  You let that load of dirty clothes wait until morning.  If you have a project due at school or a presentation at work coming up, then you focus on that.  If that special someone has asked you out or it’s time to blow off steam, then all of a sudden all the “things you had to get done” can wait.  It’s just about knowing when it is time to put your foot on the gas in a particular area of your life and ease off in the other areas. I even find it to be true in relationships.  When you haven’t gotten to spend enough quality time with your partner, then you feel it’s essential to put everything else on the back burner and go get some ‘lovin’.  Individuals who juggle a lot of different aspects of life successfully have mastered this idea.

I was thinking about this concept in relationship to our busy lives and working out and eating well.  When I look at my own life, I see that there are times that I have to manage my fitness life.  Let’s face it, some weeks you wake up on Monday and by nightfall it’s Friday.  You didn’t get to do any of the things you were intending to when you set up the week in your mind on Sunday evening.

How about if we split up our style of weeks into categories?

* In a great week, we have a lot of time.
* During some weeks, we have a lot going on, maybe a lot of stress and emotional stuff, but a little time to focus on exercise and eating.
* What about those weeks when we have no time?
* Then, we have holiday weeks when we have some time, but we’re burned out or just “want to have fun.”

Make fitness a part of your weekly plan, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Any bit will do so much good for your body and for you!

By Gabby Reece
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