Family Day

Do you ever notice how your body wants to naturally rest on Sundays (yes, I know football has started all you couch jockeys)?  I do believe that we all need a Sunday as individuals, but also if you do have a family, as a family unit.  We all run around doing our jobs, keeping the house running, and even expecting our kids to tow their own schedule line.  This leads me to how important it is to just be as a family on Sunday.  Fine if Saturday is your Sunday because there is a soccer game or whatever, but ONE day a week try to just hang out as a family.  Wake up and do what you’re naturally inspired to do.  Don’t have a plan or packed day with have to do’s.  Let the day unfold.  Imagine, you may feel like taking a walk as a family, or play in the yard, read, or do a domestic task as a group.  Don’t commit to one date or drive by visit, just wake up and see where the day takes you.  Another great tradition is to make dinner with your kids and let them pick out what you will be preparing to eat.

I am all for getting it done, kicking butt, keeping the machine moving, but not at the cost of taking it all in.  I mean what is it all for if you can’t stop for one moment and just be?  Look at the people you love, be with your thoughts, enjoy the simple things of life, unplug, and not be afraid of a little stillness.  We make life about so many things, but seldom do we make it about having some fun and just living.

I like to think that Sunday can also be a great opportunity to take inventory for all of the things one is grateful for.  Gratitude is a wonderful attitude adjuster.   No better way to begin a Monday then with a good attitude.