Easy Ways to Keep Your Eating in Check

By, Gabby Reece

There are days where my eating gets a little away from me, and I go to bed thinking that tomorrow I will be hyper diligent. So let’s say I go out to dinner, and have a bight of this or a bit of that, and then top it off with the house’s “special” dessert. Well, the next day it’s clean food with maybe even a mindful eye on calorie intake that day. I will even try to do the next two days like this to reinforce my good habits. I notice that by counter acting a fun eating day with a few strict days I end up killing a few birds at once. One, I stay in control of my food. Two, I get to enjoy delicious foods that I like, but don’t want as a part of my day in and day out menu. Three, if I do have one of those days I don’t punish myself that I slipped, I just create a strategy of how I’m going to stay on top of my goal of eating healthy for my health, body, and weight.

Over time I realize that I do feel better when I eat foods that serve my health vs. satisfy my pallet or emotional moments. I can convince myself easier as to 0the “why” I choose to eat healthier foods because I have truly felt, and seen the difference of how each way of eating affects me. My moods, bloating, over eating, feeling stuffed, quality of sleep, energy levels, etc.

Listen, the re is no doubt that food can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to keep it in an area of your life where for the most part (shoot for 80%+ of the time) you choose the food that will fuel your body best. Then, when you do go have some fun you can truly enjoy it because you know that you’re still in charge.

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