Gabby Reece Selfie

Don’t be afraid to be nice to yourself!

By Gabby Reece

Sometimes just taking an extra 10 minutes for yourself (if you can find it) after a shower can make you feel so good. Take those few minutes here and there whenever you can to pamper yourself. I know it’s hard to do, and we always have something more “important “we can be doing. I haven’t had time to get a facial so this nice little mask just to clean my skin after weeks of feeling dirty and sweaty from training. I feel better already just with this tiny little pick me up.

Here’s more quick and easy ones I enjoy:
-Foam roll your entire body top to bottom. You can even do it while watching TV
-Pop in the bath with some Epson salts instead of the usual shower
-Light a candle
-Scrub your body in the shower with a loofah toes and all
-Drink a relaxing non-caffeinated tea
-Take five maybe even 10 very deliberate and deep breaths
-Rent a movie you want to see just because
-Paint your nails. Nothing beats pretty fingers and toes
-Read an uplifting book or article for a few moments. Get away from the noise of all the negative news that’s everywhere around us
-Get a good snuggle in with someone you love
-Meditate, pray, or just sit still for a few minutes
-Go sit and watch something in nature. Sunrise or set, walk in the park, watch the birds, whatever is in your area

Sending you all a sliver of peace.
Best, Gabby