Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Ever open that one drawer in your kitchen and wonder to yourself, “Why do I have this crap in here and what is it?” We all have a junk drawer, and I have to force myself to clean mine out now and again. How does it keep filling up? I mean it can get pretty ridiculous. If you look around, we have little corners of “stuff” we ignore, and more “stuff” in closets and garages. Don’t you just want to get rid of it or give it away?

I know attacking eating well and exercising regularly can feel even more daunting then getting rid of the “stuff,” but it’s virtually the same concept. MOVE IT ON OUT! Only put the things you need in those drawers and shelves. How about if we commit to an end-of-the-month purge (and I don’t mean sticking your finger down your throat)? We’re now well into 2007, and it’s time to make that change.

If it’s easier to start with your environment, then DO IT. Closets, cars, garages, desks, drawers, the kids’ rooms — fresh start. Keep it simple and get it organized. After you tackle that, you’ll feel so much clearer. This clarity can help you take on the more challenging things. Before you can deal with your food and exercise, you have to clear away as much of the chaos as you can. Hey, life is hectic — make it easy on yourself where you can.

That’s right, baby, we are going Zen. No crystals, incense, or fluff, but we’re still going for the big Z. The objective now is to make your inside match your external life. It should be the other way around, but if that’s not happening, let’s try and find another way to skin this cat.

Here’s a checklist…

Mind: Surround yourself with positive people and information. Keep reading. I don’t care if it’s a chapter a night. Give your brain new and stimulating information. Stop dwelling on thoughts that won’t help you. As for the rest, clear it out. It’s gone.

Spirit: Set aside 5 minutes a day of quiet for yourself in your new clear world. Meditate or pray. Just stop for one minute. If you are unhappy about something that you can deal with right away, do so. I realize that some things are out of our hands and we just have to live with them. The difficult part is trying to just “manage” those. Try to find things to nourish and nurture your spirit.

Body: After all this cleaning, are you going to clutter your body with just any old food? No, you’re going to work at putting only the things you need or that are really special in your body (or drawer). After you just cleared it all out, shouldn’t you clean it? Exercise. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day, do it. Trust me — bit by bit, this will make your everyday life that much easier.

Next time you go to buy a plastic something or shove a paper in a drawer, ask yourself how that will affect you tomorrow. Work at keeping it simple. Simple is easier to handle.

By, Gabrielle Reece