A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Yeah well the stone doesn’t need to pack up every six months either.  I just wrapped up my families time on Kauai and the girls and I have headed back to California for summer.  Laird will be joining us in a few days (you know he is wrapping up his man stuff at the barn).  Perspective, perspective, perspective.  Living in two places and moving around helps me keep a better perspective.  What really is important?  I try to convey that to my kids when we come back from somewhere and they start fighting over a toy or a hair clip.  I end up roaring “you have not seen that item in six months and now you’re going to brawl over it”?  What is that in our nature? Just let most of it go since if I grabbed you for an adventure with a few items packed you wouldn’t miss any of it, think about it or need any of it.

We are slowly settling into our new schedule and aside from everyone staying up too late (3 hour time change) we are all doing well.  The air is sunny and I feel energized.  I do feel the world is going through such a cathartic and difficult time.  There are moments I can’t help but absorb it in my corner of the planet, but then I ask myself what good is that?  I just want to keep positive and moving; in any little way that I can make a positive difference to do so.  We all have a destiny, and a purpose.  I feel like we can all contribute successfully if what we do reflects who we are.  There is no pressure to do it the way your neighbor or friend does it.  Hell, I can’t stand ceremony and obligation.  Some people are great at it, and even thrive.  Not me. I just remind myself that it is OK to participate the way I choose too as long as your intentions are sincere.  I mean who wrote the rules?  Write your own rules, and then you will keep at it longer.

My plans for summer are to:
1. (Don’t laugh) get in shape (isn’t this the constant)
2. Keep trying some new things I’m not good at
3. Kick some ass in work
4. Continue to balance my quest with giving oodles of love to my family
5. Take an inconvenient adventure (you know one that takes a lot of work, but is life enhancing)
6. Do something service oriented with my kids (hoping to go on an Operation Smile trip with one of my older girls)
7. Find a new cute suit that actually fits.  I’m sure the list will grow, but that’s just off the top of my head.

Oh, and one last thing, why do we force ourselves into the “cookie cutter” mentality?  I look around and a lot of us are hitting the marks of the place we live in.  How about wear what you like, drive what makes sense to your life, have the friends you want, and remember time is so precious so don’t waste it.  All this posturing and showing off for each other.  If I have learned one thing living in Hawai’i it’s  “who cares”?  No one asks you “so what do you do” or is interested in the kind of car you drive or how many square feet your house is.  In fact where I live on Kauai they may think something was wrong with you if you didn’t have a muddy truck and drove a Mercedes.  Isn’t that great?  As my husband Laird says “they don’t care what you do they care who you are.”  We can only be who we are if we know that for ourselves first.

Best, Gabby